Beauty And The Beach

Celeste 4Ah, the delightful beaches along our coastline can make some of the best locations for intimacy and romance. If you have never experienced this type of situation before, keep it in mind so you can find out what all the chatter is about regarding rolling and tumbling in warm sands and waters. Here are some points to consider when using the beach as a couples' paradise.

Consider The Location And Have The Right Tools On Hand

The key to having fun at the beach in a romantic sense is to be well-prepared. No one really likes having sand stuck in crevices of the body, so having a thick blanket, comforter, or towel is key. Keep this secure with weighted items along the perimeter. You can always use shoes in a pinch.

Find the most secluded location possible so you are not distracted by passersby and loud sounds. This is also desirable so you can keep what you are doing to yourself and your partner. Discretion is key when trying to use the beach as a romantic encounter location.

Bring Along Some Comforts Of Home So You Don't Need To Leave

Pack a picnic-style lunch or dinner to enjoy near the shoreline. Your partner will appreciate your planning and you will not need to leave to search for food or drinks. Instead, you can focus upon each other and the task at hand. Some light music can help to boost both of your moods, so bring along a cell phone and a small set of speakers. Have your playlist ready in advance so you don't need to waste time finding mood music to get you ready for some intimacy. 

Enjoy The Beauty Of Your Surroundings While Getting To Know Each Other

The sound of waves crashing upon the shoreline and seagulls flying past will put you in a relaxing state. Take the time to appreciate the splendor of these features before you focus upon your date. Beauty in its best form is usually right in view if you take the time to focus upon things you usually take for granted. Sitting back and listening with your eyes closed can set the tone for the rest of your experience. Encourage your date to do the same. After a few moments of appreciation, reach for your date's hand and experience the surroundings together. You don't know where it just may lead you.

Think About What You Will Do After Your Encounter

After you spend time alone on the beach with your partner, you may be quite sandy or roughed up from the salt and water. Bring along a change of clothing if you decide to hit the bar scene or head out for some dancing or dining. A backpack or beach bag will conceal these threads for a quick change later on. 

If you don't have a partner readily available to enjoy the beach as a romantic getaway, let us help you with this aspect. Each of our lovely ladies is ready for a day or night out, and would love to experience the beach with you. Check out their profiles and pick your beach side beauty today!