Helena Has A Fetish

Helena 4I have a secret, but I want to tell it to someone. Are you interested in finding out what I've been hiding? I have a fetish. This isn't any old fetish. We aren't talking about touching feet or wanting someone to spank me (although, I'm certainly interested in these actions). I'm talking about....latex. How can latex be a fetish? Read on to find out what I'll want to incorporate into our date if you decide to contact me to get together. Oh, and I'm Helena, by the way! Keep my name in mind so you can look up my profile and book a date after you learn about my fetish and how it'll benefit you.

I Wear Latex Clothing Every Single Day

I love the texture of latex. I want to rub my fingers over it every chance I possibly can. I feel very bad for people who are allergic to this wonderful substance. I wear clothes made from latex daily. Not only are they latex, but they are also black latex pieces. All black, all smooth, all shiny, all for you to enjoy as much as I do! I start with latex underwear. Yes, latex needs to be touching my lady parts! I cover that with a sexy low-cut latex bustier or corset and short, short latex mini skirt. Can you envision what I look like wearing these pieces? Does it make you excited? 

Going Out Has Never Been This Much Fun

When you look at good as I do in sexy gothic clothing made completely of latex, you want to show it off. I want you to be the one to be there with me! Since I'm telling you about this fetish, maybe you can wear some latex of your own so that we can match on the dance floor while we gyrate or at the tavern where we throw back a few cold ones. You'll notice me touching my clothing often. I just can't help myself. Most guys get turned on though when I do this. Would you?

We'll Explore My Fetish In Private

When we get to a private place, let's hone in on my fetish together. This means me stripping off my favorite clothing while you watch. I love giving stripteases and I especially enjoy it when a client helps me wriggle out of the tight clothing I wear. Be sure to touch the fabric and enjoy the slickness! After that, touch me in the same way. When the clothes are gone, I'll come alive and show you how much I appreciate that you allowed me to enjoy the sensations of latex all through our date. That's when I'll want to cuddle, share a bubble bath, or give you a massage. If you have a fetish of your own, we can explore it together. Are you ready to meet me yet?