Jasmin Plays It Cool And Keeps The Peace

Jasmin 2Are you in need of a date for a corporate function? If so, you may want to consider giving me, Jasmin, a call to book a date. I am an escort available to hire for any type of event, whether it is for business, pleasure, or a mix of both. I recently had an awkward situation occur with a client, but I was able to use my intellect to get out of a sticky situation. Read on to learn more about this bizarre turn of events.

My Client Let Me Know The Details Beforehand

I was contacted to show up at a classy function where my client would be making a speech to discuss a new product in the works for a corporation. I was excited to dress up and have a fine dinner with this gentleman, and I knew I would need to pull out all the stops to keep others enthralled with my good looks and conversation. I had been at many business events in the past and knew that discretion was a must. My client informed me that his boss was a ladies man and would most likely try to wheedle his way into our business and try to steal me away during the event. I am glad I had this bit of information, so I could be prepared.

The Event Was Festive But The Boss Made His Move

I was surprised at how many people had turned out for this event. I met a lot of nice people and I had tons of fun. My client was exceptionally happy with the way I presented myself and no one was the wiser that I was a hired date. The only downside was the way his boss came on to me. I kept feeling eyes upon me and I knew I was in trouble when I noticed him leering my way. He came over and tried to whisk me off on the dance floor to move to music the hired disc jockey was playing. My client was the one that deserved my attention, however.

I Diverted The Attention And Called In For Backup

I let my client know that his boss was doing his thing and asked him if I could make a quick phone call to tend to the problem. He was extremely agreeable as he did not want his boss to ruin his big night. He allocated the funds to have me bring in one of my coworkers to come to the rescue. She was there within minutes as the event was held near our home office. When the boss was sidling up to me once again, she swooped on in and asked him if he would like to dance with her. The gleam in his eyes said it all...he was thrilled to be noticed and quickly took her hand. I then grabbed my client's hand, and we all danced the night away. The speech went wonderfully, and I headed back to my client's hotel afterward. My coworker let me know the next day, that she and the boss did the same! Problem solved!