Southern Cali is Known for it's Beauty

Shelby 2Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, in the eye of the person visiting the area. Southern California is home of many beautify "things", from land, to structures, to people. Here are some finer things in the area to be on the lookout for if you appreciate beauty.

Stunning Scenery Throughout The Area

Southern California is a location that has it all. Beaches, picturesque landscaping, lush foliage, and peaked mountains can all be found close to each other. Take a day trip to Sequoia National Park, which hosts over 400,000 acres of serenity. Full of coastal redwood trees in Giant Forest, this park also includes the Mount Whitney, the tallest mountain peak in the U.S. Consider a visit to Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve outside of Los Angeles to view vast fields of poppy flowers. If hiking isn't your thing, head to the coastal areas and warm your body on the sandy beaches that make up the perimeter of this majestic state.

Manmade Beauty To Appreciate

Southern California not only has natural beauty but also includes some manmade items that are deemed beautiful in their own right. Marvel at the wonder of glass pieces on the famous Glass Beach along the southern coastline. These polished pieces were formerly lying in a landfill and ended up being pushed down from a cliff toward the waves. Over time, they were worn into colorful pieces of treasure. Check out the many colorful sculptures in Queen Califia Magical Circle, located in La Jolla. Take a day trip to Harper’s Topiary Garden to view an array of trimmed hedges and foliage on this private property from street view.

Some Of The Most Stunning Women Around

Natural and manmade attractions are not the only beauty you can appreciate in Southern California. With extreme diversity in population, this area has some of the most beautiful women you can imagine. Many people move to California because of the weather, job opportunities, and fabulous beaches. You can reap the reward by setting up a date with a gorgeous escort in the area. There's plenty to choose from, all with different features to appreciate. 

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